Saying all of THAT here on WordPress

I decided to move to Word Press, mostly for easier access and the ability to subscribe instead of having to check back all the time on Blogger as the “subscribe” option wasn’t working. Blogger is like the forgotten middle child in the Goggle world, it needs an update badly as well as a decent app, but hasn’t been touched in years. I think WordPress will work out fine. You’ll be able to subscribe and I’ll be able to post pictures, audio, video and stuff like that – so everybody wins!!

If you’re just joining for the first time and have missed the first 3 blog posts, you can look them up here on blogger. (just click on the word HERE)

School today was fun. We did a movie update in 5-8, and I gave my speech about the critics and “Cats” and while I don’t normally take a stand on things like this, I feel like critics went into the movie instantly hating the material mostly because of the trailers and such. When you go to a movie or a show and already have feelings about it without even seeing it, especially if you hate it, you will hate it and you will tell the world it’s a piece of crap. They said that about the musical as well, and look how well that has done in almost 40 years. Lots of opinions on “Star Wars” as well, mostly they thought the end happened too quickly. Lots of kids said that. I didn’t see it that way. They obviously haven’t seen a Lifetime movie before where everything is tied up in a little bow in the last 5 minutes.

Tonight was a Tuesday night, choir rehearsal night. We had a decent turn out and we had a lot of fun. It was a good night for me as well. There’s a story here about one of my very best friends that I’m not quite ready to write just yet. But let’s just say that we had a great time going from her house to rehearsal and back. And for now, that’s all I’m saying about THAT.

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Fr. Michael went and saw Aunt Dea in the hospital today and he mentioned it to me. The conversation went something like this:

Fr Michael:  i saw your aunt today 

Me:  oh, thanks for stopping in. She thinks you’re a miracle worker

Fr. Michael:  she’s right

I thought I had something else to blog about, but whatever it was, it has escaped me. I must remember to write these things down when they pop into my head. Lord knows I can’t remember anything anymore.

So, I’ll call it a day, and we’ll see about this new space, shall we?

And that is all I’m saying about THAT.


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